Win BD, the Windows Bearing and Distance Program
(by W9IP and K2TXB)
This program was developed to replace the command line programs BD through BD2004, as they will no longer run under windows 7 and higher.



The program provides a way to calculate the antenna bearings and distance from your location to the center of any 4 or 6 digit grid square.  It also provides the decimal latitude and longitude of your location and the remote grid.

Win BD features the ability to create and save many 'Home' locations and easily select the appropriate one.  This can be very handy for rover stations who often operate from the same locations year after year.  Once a grid is entered into the Grid 2 box, selecting a different location from the select list will automatically show the calculations from the new location.  Home locations that have already been created can be selected on the main screen by using the drop down box as shown to the right.

You can also save entered grids in the Grid2 field in a "Recently Used" list, by clicking the save button.  Then you can select an item from this drop down list instead of typing it in. You can save a maximum of 10 grids in the recently used list.

New home locations may be created, or existing ones edited in the Setup window.  Setup displays a list of existing locations and allows editing, copying, or deleting existing locations.  It also has a 'New' button to create a new location.

Using the Edit or New operations brings up the Location editing window shown here:  There are instructions on the page, and there are pop up tips that display when you hover the mouse cursor over any of the fields.  (There are also pop up tips in the main window above.)

You may also check the 'beacon' box if you are entering the location of a beacon.  Beacons will always be displayed in the main window with the current bearing and distance from your location.

A particular note is that if you know the actual coordinates of a location it is better to enter them instead of the grid square, as the calculations will be slightly more accurate.

The program is simple to use so enjoy!

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